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February 2009

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"They were seated around a table, drinking tea and talking of love."
-Heinrich Heine

The origins of St Valentine's Day was associated with the Christian bishop, Valentine, who was martyred on 14th February 271 AD, or it may be traced to the old Roman feast, Lupercalia. Many a courtship began in the tea parlor, when a love-struck hostess invited her sweetheart to tea. Few occasions are more delightful than a lovingly arranged tea for two.

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Here are a few ideas for your "Tea for Two"
* Place a heart shaped note on your sweet hearts pillow in the morning inviting them to tea later in the day. *Hire a babysitter if needed.
* Prepare the menu in advance so you will be able to give them your undivided attention.
* Set the table with your best linens, china and silver. Place flowers in a crystal vase or a single bloom in a crystal bowl.
* Light a fire in the fireplace.
* Play their favorite mood music!
* Light candles or replace the light bulb with a pink bulb to cast a soft glow.
* Dress in a favorite outfit and don't forget the perfume!
* Serve a romantic afternoon or high tea. Enjoy!

Sample Menu:
Rose Petal Tea
Egg salad and bacon sandwiches
Basil and Cucumber sandwiches
Ham and Cheese sandwiches
Heart Shaped Cherry Scones, with jam and clotted cream
Linzer Heart Cookies
Lite and Luscious Chocolate Pound Cake

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Ever wonder where some of those everyday quotations come from? Spooning: In Elizabethan times, when a young man went to court a girl, he would have to sit with her in the family home, usually under the watchful eye of her father. The young man would be given a piece of wood, which he would have to carve into a spoon, with intricate and romantic patterns on it. (This also kept his hands busy!) This was a love spoon, which he would preset to his bride on their wedding day, and so the process of courtship was known as spooning. How much tea do Americans drink a year? Answer: 2.2 billion gallons Tea has no fat, no calories, no sugar or sodium and has 1/2 to 1/3 the caffeine of coffee.

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Mini Raspberry Treasure Cakes


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